Clan Rules

General Rules:

  • Discord is required to be a member.
  • Donate only what is requested.
  • If you request for “Any” or other non-specific requests, you could receive any troop, so no complaints.
  • Clan hopping is strictly not allowed for members. Only Elder+ can hop between clans, check Elders perk for more details. Also check CWL info on bottom for hopping during cwl week.
  • The last day of the season, every member should have donated & received at least 1200 troop spaces (minimum 300 each week). Members who joined mid-season are not subjected to this rule. As long as your current donations are over 1200, there’s no d/r ratio to be followed.
  • A mid season donation and received check will be done halfway through each season to encourage more activity. In a 28 day season, Members are expected to donate and receive AT LEAST 600 troops 2 weeks into the season. In a 35 day season, Members are expected to donate and receive AT LEAST 900 troops 3 weeks into the season.
  • Clan Games participation is mandatory. The amount of points to get may vary, so that will be communicated via clan mail (Generally it is 1000 when max tier is 50k).
  • Capital Raids participation is mandatory, you are supposed to do at least 5 attacks every raid weekend.
  • Read all clan mails thoroughly and act accordingly.
  • Do not donate any troop to the clan war clan castles.
  • If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, let the leaders know through Discord.
  • Generally only one account per player is allowed, but if you can prove you can keep up with war attacks and donations on multiple accounts we can talk about it.

Strike System:

Clan members get 4 STRIKES before they are kicked. Based on the gravity of their mistakes, they may or may not be accepted back in the future.

Strikes are reset every season EXCEPT for Donation/Received strikes. Donation/received strikes are reset every 2 months in intervals. For Example, you get a donation strike in January, it won’t reset till end of February season. D/R strike resets are end of season Feb, April, June, August etc.

- Failure to meet Troop Donated or Received requirements. (1200+ / 1200+)
- Failure to meet Mid season check
- Missing war hits.
- Incorrect donations (with provided screenshot evidence).
- Getting incorrect # of stars by not following war mail.
- Failure to do at least 5 attacks in capital raid weekend. (Recommended: 6 attacks every raid weekend)
- Failure to meet Clan Games required points (1000).
- Missing Fwa war search (e.g. Due to lingering in cwl clan, visiting other clan etc).
- Not fixing errors in the active FWA base after being notified (e.g. Air X-Bows, range overlaps etc).
- Failure to meet donation requirements for second consecutive season.
- Failure to meet Received Requirement for third consecutive season
- Breaking any major rule in the discord server (e.g. serious spamming, posting questionable content in family friendly channels, mass tagging etc).
- Having a real war base active when war day starts.
- Repetitively 3-starring in a loss war.
- Hitting # 1&2 when you’re not supposed to.
- Missing 3 war attacks in a row.
- Less than 100 donations or received for more than 2 weeks.

*Leaders have the rights to trump the strike system and act as they think more appropriate. Strike system is followed to make sure active players stay in clan but if you’re in clan just to meet bare minimum you’ll be kicked without getting any strikes.

=> All strikes are posted in the ws2e-strikes log on discord. Do !strikes in the bot channel to see if you have any strikes.

There are 2 ways to have your strikes removed/reduced:

  • For 4000+ donation you can get 1 strike reduced (if you have any* strike)
  • Getting max points in a clan game will remove 1 strike (if you have any* strike)

Note *: Strike given for donations or clan games can’t be removed/reduced.

FWA match rules:

Before every FWA war a clan mail will be sent whether that war is a win or a loss. Members must follow the attacks rules explained in the clan mail. Here’s a quick summary:

War win:

  • 1st attack on mirror (same number as you) for 2 or 3 stars in the first 18 hours.
  • 2nd attack on any base for one star

War loss:

  • 1st attack on mirror (same number as you) for 2 stars in the first 18 hours.
  • 2nd attack on any base for one star

CLEAN-UPS (Only from 2nd attack):

  • The last 6 hours are open cleanup for Elders and Co-Leaders. If you’re late and someone already cleared your mirror, you STILL have to follow the attack plan. However, no strikes are given for being late.
  • Members aren’t allowed to clean unattacked bases but in win war, with their second attack they can 3 star someone else’s mirror base anytime if the attacker only 2 starred said mirror (E.g. if our #12 2 stars his mirror during a war win, you can 3 star it with your second attack).

So far you have read the basic rules required to know for joining the clan. Send “Jon Snow” in #waiting_list or wherever you’re asked to read rules to show you have read rules carefully.

Mismatch war rules:

Matchmaking is not under our control so it’s possible to match real war clans or FWA blacklisted clans sometimes. We will see how to play the war case by case depending on what kind of clan we matched, but here’s a very vague summary:

  • Opponent is a real serious war clan : We ask for their top Town Halls outside and hope they agree. In war day anyone can attack or snipe any base for loot, free for all. Our bases stay FWA layout.
  • Opponent is a farm clan from other leagues : FWA admins will deal with the communications (hopefully) and we will play it like an FWA war.
  • Opponent is an inactive/beatable/standalone farm clan : We may switch to real bases and attack for the win.

IMPORTANT: In case of mismatch, read every clan mail and discord announcement that will be sent carefully! This is just a general overview.


We are always looking for active players to help manage the clan.

Promotions are based on your activity and willingness to help us out in the clan/Discord server with recruitment, helping new players adjust to FWA rules and generally putting the clan first. Good war attacks/donations are also a plus.

If you’re someone who simply wants to enjoy the game and doesn’t want to have any obligations, you’re free to keep doing so but promotions won’t be given.

If you wish to apply, send a dm to fflak on discord. State your timezone/location and a brief text to convince him ;). A minimum of a few weeks of staying in the clan are required to be considered for Elder, and a few months as Elder are required to be considered for Co-Leader.

Promotion to Elder:

Elder is for players who want to help the Co / Leaders with the recruitment process for our clans and help audit bases. You must be active in the game & have no recent strike. You will need to be active on Discord and also have experience with using Discord or willing to learn.


  • Helping in our entry (#welcome, #reapply, #ineligible) channels for newcomers, checking if they have a correct FWA base, clean history etc. If you’ve joined through the discord group you know the drill.
  • Accept/Kicking people who request ingame with the message to apply to our discord group if they meet our requirements.
  • (Optional) Helping with our advertisement posts on Reddit or BAND or whatever.


  • Access to the server’s #elders-chat for less spam, easier place to ask any question you may have.
  • In war, you’re free to 2 or 3 star (depending on war win or loss) any base during the last 6 hours of war day with your second attack.
  • Can hop between clans after taking permission from any co+ (maximum two times in a season)

Promotion to Co-Leader:

Are you interested in helping run the clan as a Co-Leader?

What we are looking for:

  • You must be active (In Game and on Discord)
  • Show leadership (Help those who need it in the clan/discord and show you are capable of helping lead the clan)
  • Must be familiar with our discord server and commands required to manage the clan
  • Must not have any recent strike


  • [every Elder task]
  • Helping with war starts if needed (BAND app required)
  • Generally helping to manage the clan ingame. E.g.: checking newcomers’ war bases on their first war, keeping an eye on people’s attacks, making sure they follow rules, etc.
  • Recruiting new members through our recruitment (#waiting_list) channel


  • [every Elder benefit]
  • Access to #coleaders-chat, where any more serious matter is discussed re: our clans / FWA / whatever.
  • Way more leniency on your strikes, as long as you do your job.
  • Can 1 star #1 & #2 (or any top bases) as long as someone is clearing your mirror (must inform leader)


Now our clan itself never enters CWL, we use 2 backup clans where we farm off of last place medals (it’s 340 in Master 1 and 268 in Master3), while still participating in FWA wars in War Snipers 2.E and you have to keep Fwa base active even in cwl due to fwa wars ongoing in main clan.

You will have to hop between the main clan and the cwl clan to do your CWL attack and your FWA attacks. We will have to be very coordinated with what we are doing, so make sure you don’t miss the fwa search by sitting in cwl clan. Just use your cwl attack and move back to WS2.E. You can hop between cwl clan and main clan as much as you want during cwl, just don’t stay in cwl clan for long.

So you got permission to hop between clans but remember only CWL players are allowed to jump between clans (ws2e & their cwl clan). Prefer not visit or stay longer in any random clan during cwl week.

See previous announcements on #ws2e-announcements channel in discord for more details

Change log:

  • Change: Donation/received strikes reset every 2 months instead of 1.
  • Change: Donation/received strikes reset in intervals
  • Change: Now you’ll get kicked on reaching 4 strikes instead of 3.