Clan Capital

The Clan Capital consists of several Districts. You convert Home Village and Builder Base resources into Capital Gold in the Forge. You then use the Capital Gold to Contribute to Buildings in the Districts.

Check the Builder Menu to see what buildings your Clan can upgrade and is currently upgrading.

  • Buildings need several Contributions to be levelled up.
  • Players can contribute to any Building.
  • Districts contain all of the Buildings available for that District.
  • Troops and Spells unlock when their Buildings are built.
  • Troops and Spells are levelled up by upgrading their Buildings.
  • Contributing to Buildings gives you Reputation points.

Raid weekends

The Raid Weekend is when Clans attack an enemy Clan Capital. Clans do not go head-to-head in Raids. Clans attack a different Clan than the one attacking them.

The Leader and Co-Leaders sign the Clan up for the Raid Weekend.
Clans get matched against other Clans with roughly the same levels of Buildings.
You get Capital Gold from destroying Buildings in their attacks.
Everyone participating gets Raid Medal rewards for destroying Districts.
Everyone participating gets additional Raid Medals for destroying an entire Capital.
If a Clan manages to destroy all of the enemy Capital's Districts, the Clan will be able to attack another Clan Capital.
Up to 50 players can participate in the Raid Weekend. You reserve your slot in the Raid Weekend by attacking during the weekend.


You have 5 attacks to use during the Raid Weekend. There are no Troop training times and no Troop costs. When players damage a District, the damage stays for the next attacker.

Destroying a single District requires several players to attack it.
Spells stay in the District for 2 attacks before they disappear.
You can gain one extra attack per weekend if you are the player to destroy the last Building in a District.