Clan Rules

Clan Name: War Snipers 2.8
Clan Tag: #L0YQG2V0 (Open Clash of Stats)
Clan Level: 34
Clan Leader: Justin (feelslikejustin on Discord)
Requirements: Please see discord for most updated requirements with !reqs.
Join Us: On Discord

What is expected of me as a member of the clan?

1. Must follow rules regarding donations/requests:

  • Clashperk’s /donations command in #ws2x-bot will be used to determine your stats each season.
    • All Members must donate a minimum of 1300 troops per season.
    • All Members must receive a minimum of 1300 troops per season.
    • All Members must donate and receive a combined total of 3600 troops.
  • We do not enforce any Donation/Request ratio. All members are encouraged to request as much as possible.
  • Read the troop request text carefully before donating. If there is a request for “Any” or other non-specific requests, you can donate any troop except regular goblins, healers, or any type of wall breakers. They should only be donated if specifically requested.
  • Try not to be too picky when requesting, so everyone can donate and you can get your donation quicker. You should avoid using raid medals for requests unless no one else is online or you’re bypassing the request cooldown.
  • If you mistakenly donated a wrong troop, own up immediately in chat. If you receive a troop not in your request, report immediately in chat, regardless of whether you can identify the donator.

Minimums are intended to be exceeded, Leadership reserves the right to remove any member who is only doing the bare minimum should the clan need to adjust its war weight or open up a spot.

2. Must use ALL Clan Capital attacks during the Raid Weekend.

  • You will be able to obtain an extra attack on top of your 5 attacks when you triple a base. So in total you will have 6 attacks. (if the sword has turned gold, you have gotten the extra attack)
  • You will be given a strike if you do not use 6/6 attacks. A verbal warning will be issued for 5/5 attacks. Repeatedly getting 5/5 will result in strikes.
  • Members must finish attacking a district before starting a new one. Never leave a district at a high percentage if you have attacks remaining, clean up your mess.
  • If other players are online attacking districts, coordinate with them in chat. Always ask before attacking a district someone else has started.
  • You may bring in alts temporarily to contribute capital gold at any time, but you may not attack on them until the last 9 hours of the Raid Weekend to give everyone a fair chance to attack.

Our clans progress very quickly through clan capital, and may occasionally be maxed. Please refer to #ws2x-capital-announcements for latest information regarding where you can dump your capital gold if applicable.

3. Must use both attacks in FWA wars as directed by the clan mail.

  • Attack your mirror within the first 20 hours of war day.
    • Always check the clan mails and scout the opponents base before attacking.
    • After 20 hours have elapsed, you are considered late and your mirror can be claimed by any other member.
    • If you’ve logged in late and your mirror has been attacked, use your first attack on a base that has not already been cleared for 3 stars (in a win) or 2 stars (in a loss), then loot or cleanup with your second attack as normal.
    • If all bases have been cleared, attack your mirror anyway.
    • Never use both attacks in the same war on loot. Doing so without permission is 2 strikes.
  • Cleanup time starts at the 4 hours remaining mark
    • At this time, you may use your second attack on a base that has not already been cleared for 3 stars (in a win) or 2 stars (in a loss)

3a. Make sure you use a proper strategy when attacking for 3 stars and pay attention when attacking for 2 stars.

  • You will receive a strike if you fail your mirror attack by understarring.
  • You will receive 2 strikes if you fail your mirror attack by overstarring.
  • If you’re unsure how to 3 star a FWA base effectively and efficiently, watch your other clanmates replays, and if necessary, request a friendly challenge so you can practice.

3b. On a Non-FWA war (Blacklisted clan or Mismatch):

  • On a blacklisted war:
    • Switch to REAL war base during Prep Day, switch back to FWA once War Day has started.
    • Use resources posted in the clan announcements channel on Discord, if available.
    • Use both attacks to claim 2 or 3 stars from war bases as directed in the announcements channel.
  • On a mismatch war:
    • Follow all clan mail sent through Discord and in-game. The clan mails will decide on whether or not we switch to war bases. (Do not switch bases unless instructed to via discord or clan mail.)

4. Must earn a minimum of 1000 points from the monthly Clan Games.

5. Must notify leadership BEFORE leaving the clan or going inactive.

  • Regardless of reason, you must notify leadership in #ws2x-chat or in a DM (Direct Message) to the Leader at least 2 days in advance.
    • The maximum amount of time you may be inactive without losing your spot is 7 days. If you have not given notice within this time, you may be removed from the clan at any time and without further warning.
    • If you leave the clan to join another without giving notice, you will not be able to rejoin the clan quickly later, and may be banned from rejoining entirely.
  • You may be eligible for an exemption of clan requirements if you inform in advance.

6. Exercise ‘Common Sense’

  • Do not donate to the war clan castles or switch to a real war base during FWA wars or CWL.
  • Do not 3 star in loss wars or take full stars from another members mirror before cleanup time.
  • Do not use game modifications or external tools/bots on your account.
  • Avoid using online services such as ‘cheap gem’ sellers, account boosters, or similar services.
  • Do not share access to your Clash of Clans account or Discord account with anyone, even friends or family. You are responsible for any actions taken through your account.
  • Do not try to buy or sell game accounts through any clan chats.
  • Do not share links or details of ToS breaking activity in any clan chats.
  • Remain civil and avoid using excessive amounts of vulgar language when interacting with your clanmates.
  • Always use English in clan chat.

What is the Strike System?

  • Strikes are used by leadership to keep track of offenses. You will be notified in the #ws2x-strikes channel when you have been given a strike. You will become eligible for a kick once you reach or exceed 4 strikes.
    • Members with 4000+ donations or requests at the end of season will be only put on the kick list if they have 5 strikes in a season, instead of the usual 4.
  • Normal Strikes reset monthly after season reset. Season strikes reset bi-monthly.
    • For example, if you received a season strike for the Dec 2023 season, it will reset at the end of the Jan 2024 season.
  • Please note we only use strikes as a reference point to gauge inactivity. Leadership reserves to have the right to remove any member if they are deemed to be doing the minimum for multiple seasons continuously, if the member is not being a team player, or if they’re the most inactive out of their respective townhall and is affecting FWA matchmaking.

Strike Types:

Medium - 1 Strike; High - 1 Season Strike; Critical- 2 Strikes; Instant Kick - 4 Strikes

Strikes are given for:

  • FWA Attack related:
    • Not attacking in war. Medium
    • Not attacking mirror first. Medium
    • Failure to follow war plan - 1 starring mirror instead of 2 or 3 starring. Medium
    • Failure to follow war plan - 3 starring on loss. Critical
    • Hitting 1 & 2 when you’re not supposed to. Critical
  • Clan minimums related:
    • Not getting 1000 clan game points minimum. Medium
    • Not getting the minimum donations per season. High
    • Not getting the minimum receives per season. High
    • Not getting the minimum combined total of donation and receives per season. High
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Did not start attacks during raid weekend. Medium
    • Incomplete attacks during raid weekends. Medium
    • Being reported for wrong donations in the clan. Medium
    • Not switching your base during blacklisted wars. Medium
    • Not using both attacks in blacklisted wars. Medium
    • Lingering in the CWL clan for too long. Medium
    • Not fixing errors in FWA base within 48 hours of being notified. High
    • Not having FWA base active. Instant Kick
    • Donating troops to FWA Clan Castle. Instant Kick
    • Disruption to the clan, *as per leader discretion Instant Kick

The code for new members is “8BallPool”
You may DM it to me now

I want to participate in CWL, where and how can I do that?

Our clan works with a few other clans in our discord to organize CWL in new separate clans. This allows us to run Lazy CWL at the same time as our FWA wars. Spots in CWL are first come, first served. Details for the current season will be announced by @Justin in the clan announcements channel on Discord. Enabling push notifications for that channel is recommended.

Interested members must thoroughly read the following document: CWL Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions. Once the announcement has been posted, you will need to join one of the clans in the message within 24 hours of it being posted. Throughout the week, you will hop to your CWL clan (Bookmark it!) for attacks then immediately return to the main clan.

CWL participation is an optional perk for clan members, but it is also a privilege. Members may be banned from CWL or removed from the clan for any of the following reasons:

  • Joining but not attacking in CWL, leading to a wasted spot
  • Lingering excessively in the CWL clan
  • Attacking improperly in CWL
  • Having a REAL war base set at any time
  • Leaving for CWL after FWA war has ended and missing sync

Members who wish to do CWL with an outside clan will have to give up their spot and reapply. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get back into one of our clans right away following the end of CWL, especially if you demonstrate that you will leave every season.

Basic Guidelines:

  1. We will be doing CWL and regular FWA wars at the same time so you need to keep your FWA war base active AT ALL TIME.
  2. You will be hopping between the clans to do your FWA and CWL attacks and make sure you join back before each FWA sync.
  3. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you don’t miss any regular FWA sync. DO NOT LEAVE CLAN BETWEEN FWA WAR ENDS & NEXT SYNC!
  4. Stay in WS most of the time and ONLY go to CWL clan to do attacks. DO NOT STAY IN CWL CLAN.
  5. To get the max amount of medals, you’ll need to score at least 8 stars over 7 wars
  6. Hit your mirror. The only exception is if the base is already attacked by the mirror and you want to attack it again.

Who are the clans leaders and how can I reach them?

[Lead] Justin (feelslikejustin) is the clan leader.

The best way to contact leadership is to @ mention their Discord username in the discord #ws2x-chat. Try not to private message them directly unless it is private matter.

This is the quickest way to get an answer to any questions you may have. Messages posted in in-game chat may be missed.

I’m interested in helping out the clan as an Elder or Co, what do I need to know?

If you are interested, feel free to private message Justin after you’ve been in the clan for 3-6 months and have shown to be stable and active. When you DM, include what time zone you are in as well as saying what the current time is for you. You should also include anything else you think we will need to convince us you would be a good candidate for Elder or Co-leader.

As an elder:

  • When you’re online, please accept any members returning from CWL who have included “back”, “cwl” or similar in their join request.
  • Do not invite any players who are not members of the clan without permission. (Alts for capital attacks excluded)
  • Never kick another member, please report any issues directly to leadership and allow them to handle any situations that arise.

Requirements for Promotion to Server Elder:

  • Must be a member for at least 3 months and be regularly active in our Discord community.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to reliably respond to messages and DMs quickly, within reason.
  • Must be willing to volunteer some time assisting with the clans recruitment process.

Requirements for Promotion to Co:

  • You must be a stable and active member who has been with the clan for a minimum of 3-6 months.
  • You must be regularly active in and participate as a part of the community on Discord.
    • Handling new recruits in the Discord entry process and redirecting join requests ingame to our Discord.
    • Participate in our Elders chat on Discord. Important information and changes will be posted there.
  • You must demonstrate the ability to reliably respond to messages and DMs quickly, within reason.

Requirements for Promotion to FWA Rep:

  • Must be willing to install and use the app BAND
  • Must be available to start wars across a range of times
  • Must not leak FWA sync times to non-reps
  • Participate in our Co-leader chat re: the clan and any rule changes, clan talk, etc.

Can I bring an alt to the clan?

Members may be allowed to bring in an alt by the discretion of leadership. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • You must be in the clan for an extended time, alts will generally not be taken on first join or within the first month of membership.
  • You must be in good standing with the clan. If you have not met the activity requirements or have missed too many wars in the past few seasons, you will not be allowed to bring in an alt.
  • Your account must meet the eligibility requirements set by the server.
  • Your alt will be subject to the same activity requirements as your main. Either account may be removed from the clan if it is not meeting the requirements.
  • Generally, only one account per player is allowed. If you can prove you can keep up with war attacks and donations on multiple accounts, we can talk about it.